Trade & Project Finance

Our extensive expertise combined with our strong and flexible financial condition allow us to participate in a variety of transactional structures across each of our product segments, enabling us to provide valuable trading solutions to our counterparts.

Extended Payment Terms

Our strong and highly liquid capital structure gives us the ability to provide our counterparts with the working capital they require by extending product payment terms using a variety of structures specifically tailored to accommodate their needs.

Pre-Export Financing

We are able to offer our product suppliers with often-needed financial liquidity by providing pre-export financing or advance payments. We regularly work with our suppliers to develop structures that provide them with maximum access to liquidity as well as giving us the transparency and security we need.

Inventory Financing

We have the ability to reduce the financial burden our customers face when financing inventories. We are able to place the products we supply within controlled warehouse environments and release them on a schedule customized to meet our counterparts’ specific requirements.

Counter Trade

Our dedicated trade finance team works in close coordination with our extensive worldwide sourcing and distribution network, giving us the ability to facilitate customized counter trade transactions to assist our counterparts. Our capabilities encompass a range of transactions that include product exchanges and tolling agreements as well as offset trade. We have the expertise to work with our counterparts in developing structures designed to meet their specific needs.