When in-depth market knowledge is needed to move cargo from one port to another, our in-house chartering departments come into play.

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Business partners choosing Trammo select a one-stop shop. Not only are we experts in merchandising and trading, covering the complete supply chain from door to door, but we also maintain our own in-house chartering departments.

To cover all of our merchandising and trading business around the globe, we maintain our own in-house chartering departments staffed by shipping professionals in Switzerland, France, Singapore, China (for Chinese domestic chartering), and the United States. These together with our offices located around the world enable us to provide our business partners with adequate and competitive vessel space from owners in various countries, and our experienced logistics staff is capable of selecting the best and most cost-effective transportation routes. 

Trammo’s chartering departments allow us to realize economies of scale on ocean transportation by taking vessels on either voyage or time charter and by combining products and ports. Significant savings can be achieved by combining these abilities.

We also employ our own port captains to monitor cargo loading and discharging operations.

In 2015, Trammo's chartering department chartered over 500 vessels, transporting close to 12 million metric tons of Trammo cargo (excluding ammonia) around the world. Besides that, the chartering and operation desk in charge of our ammonia activities performed about 120 voyages on modern LPG ships moving close to 2.5 million tons all around the world (equivalent to more than 10% of the seaborne trade).

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