Sulfuric Acid

Trammo is one of the largest global sulfuric acid merchandisers, combining know-how and expertise in both fertilizer and sulfuric acid trading.

In 1999, Trammo began merchandising and trading sulfuric acid by purchasing product from major smelters around the world and delivering it to industrial users and fertilizer producers in Europe, the United States, Latin America, India, South East Asia and Australia.  

Today, the business has grown to close to 3 million metric tons traded on an annual basis (including Trans Sud J/V tonnage), with sales activity in all major acid markets worldwide, making Trammo the largest independent sulfuric acid trader and distributor. With a business network spread over six continents, we offer our partners broad diversification, global market coverage, and excellent logistics.

The experienced shipping specialists dedicated to liquid chartering in our in-house chartering department provide all the services necessary to achieve the best possible coverage of the freight market. We have close relationships with most first-class chemical tanker owners, ensuring utmost flexibility and excellent performance.

As part of our value proposition, Trammo leases storage tanks in North America and Chile on a long-term basis.

In the United States, we market our products through several leased distribution terminals via river barge, railcar, and truck. Trammo also has a leased domestic railcar fleet of a few hundred cars allowing for rail deliveries within the United States. 

Trans Sud, a Chilean based joint venture between Trammo and Sudmetal, is the leading regional sulfuric acid trader in Chile and Peru. Trans Sud has long-term contracts in place with all major mining companies in the region and also provides logistics services for the transportation of sulfuric acid, be it by truck, rail, or vessel. Trans Sud also operates a storage tank at Mejillones port. Find out more about Trans Sud

Reliability, commitment, excellent performance, and close relationships with our business partners mark Trammo’s success in sulfuric acid trading.