The vast majority of sulfur is used to produce sulfuric acid, but it is also an important raw material for innumerable other industrial processes.

Sulfur is primarily sourced in North America, the Caribbean, the FSU, and the Middle East. We own and operate a fleet of a few hundred railcars that are dedicated to the transport of molten sulfur in the U.S. domestic market, from the production site to end consumers. We also lease warehouses and operate sulfur stock inventory in various locations around the world. 

We are proud of Trammo’s long history in sulfur marketing and transportation and our numerous relationships with major oil exploration and sulfur-consuming companies around the world, which often entrust us with long-term off-take or supply agreements. One of Trammo’s main areas of expertise is developing efficient logistics and marketing solutions for the supply of sulfur from producers to consumers.

Trammo’s worldwide sulfur sales in 2015 were 5.7 million metric tons.