Potash-based Raw Material

Potassium helps plants to develop healthy roots and improve their resistance to drought.

The majority of the world’s potash production is used in agriculture. We merchandise and trade both muriate of potash (MOP) and sulfate of potash (SOP) in various grades, either granular or as standard product. We regularly store potash in selected European or North American consuming areas to ensure availability of the product to meet the demand of our business partners. Trammo’s ability to secure product for direct application or for processing gives our customers unique access to a one-stop-shop partner. 

Trammo also has another advantage to offer that sets us apart from our competitors: we are happy to share our own in-depth expertise in operating a bulk blending plant with our business partners.

Furthermore, by maintaining our own in-house chartering, we are able to provide our business partners with adequate and competitive vessel space from owners in various countries. Our experienced logistics staff is capable of selecting the best and most cost-effective transportation routes.  

Trammo’s experienced international operations team and unrivaled customer service have contributed to our reputation as a trustworthy business partner. We rely on a broad network of support in maintaining a first-class supply chain. Our highly skilled operations team closely tracks goods from receipt to final destination, whether they are shipped by bulk carrier, barge, container, rail, or truck.