Phosphoric Acid, Phosphate Rock

Not only does Trammo trade in ready-to-use phosphate fertilizers; we also merchandise phosphatic raw materials.

About two-thirds of global phosphoric acid production is used as a raw material for phosphatic fertilizers like DAP and MAP. In recent years, we have significantly diversified our global trade in phosphoric acid. Trammo also participates in the liquid fertilizer trade in the United States.  

An in-house chartering department staffed with experienced shipping specialists dedicated to liquid chartering provides all services that are required to achieve the best possible coverage of the freight market. Close relationships with most first-class chemical tanker owners ensure the utmost flexibility in finding the most suitable ship for the right shipment period.

We are an active participant in the global trade of phosphate rock. We source various grades of rock and deliver in container or vessel volume. Our ability to secure phosphate rock for direct application or for upgrading into phosphoric acid gives our customers unique access to a one-stop-shop partner.

Trammo’s excellent logistics team and unrivaled customer service have made a significant contribution to our reputation as a trustworthy business partner. We rely on a broad network of business partners that support us in maintaining a first-class supply chain: from carriers and forwarding companies, suppliers of bags and equipment to stevedores, inspection companies, financial institutions, and insurance companies -- we leave no stone unturned in ensuring a safe and secure supply chain. Often, we will send our own in-house port captains to oversee the handling of the goods in ports and terminals. Our highly skilled operations team closely tracks the goods from receipt to final destination, whether they are shipped by bulk carrier, barge, container, railroad, or truck.