Petroleum Coke

Out of the more than 100 million metric tons of petcoke produced annually, about 75% is traded as fuel grade petcoke, which -- in view of its heating value -- is primarily used in coal-burning power generators, either in power plants or in the cement and iron and steel industries.

Trammo ships petcoke from the major exporting countries, including the United States, to major consuming markets in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. We have developed domestic distribution in China through our Shanghai office. The Division’s main trading hubs for petcoke are in Tampa, Shanghai and Zurich.

Based on Trammo’s long-standing relationship of more than 20 years with refineries and oil exploration companies, who regularly supply us with sulphur, we are optimally placed to source petcoke from all over the world and make good use of the resulting synergies. We are one of few companies that can merchandise and trade petcoke in almost every country thanks to our extensive global presence and unique logistics network.

In 2015, Trammo sold approximately 2.3 million metric tons of petcoke.