Anhydrous Ammonia

Trammo is consistently among the world’s leading independent marketers and transporters of anhydrous ammonia. Our ammonia team services both the agricultural fertilizer industry as well as the chemical industry.

Ammonia is one of the most important nitrogen nutrients used by farmers in the fields, and a major raw material for the chemical industry. Trammo services the agricultural direct application market, the fertilizer industry, and the chemical industry. Forty percent of the volume we trade is used by chemical plants.

Trammo trades close to 3 million metric tons of ammonia per year worldwide, making us the largest independent ammonia trading company in the world.

To support our trading activity, Trammo operates at all times a fleet of 8 to 10 fully refrigerated liquid gas carriers. Our team has an extensive history in efficiently managing our extended fleet of ammonia and LPG carriers, leading us to become one of the most trusted and recognized freight providers.

In the U.S. domestic market, Trammo employs the largest independent fleet of fully refrigerated, inland waterway ammonia barge tows as well as 90 pressurized rail cars. We also manage local ammonia distribution operations from our wholly owned 56,000-short-ton ammonia tanks in Meredosia, Illinois, from our 30,000-short-ton tanks in Niota, Illinois and from two leased storage terminals, located in Henderson, Kentucky and Pascagoula, Mississippi, all of which provide direct access to regional river, rail, or truck distribution markets.

Trammo also operates a terminal in Jingjiang, China, providing the ability to import, export, and trade domestically, and thereby supporting a rapidly expanding presence in mainland China.