Trammo participates in and has membership of the following associations and organizations:

  • IFA, the International Fertilizer Industry Association: represents the global fertilizer industry. Trammo has been a member since 1971 and sits on the IFA Council. Find out more about IFA.
  • TFI, The Fertilizer Institute: represents the public policy, communication, and statistical needs of producers, manufacturers, retailers, and transporters of fertilizer. Trammo has been a member of TFI since 1970. Jeff Minnis, President North America and head of Trammo’s office in Tampa, Florida, is a member of both TFI’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Find out more about TFI.
  • Nutrients for Life Foundation: pursues the goal of providing science-based information on the valuable role fertilizers play in feeding our growing world. Jeff Minnis, President, North America and head of Trammo’s office in Tampa, Florida, serves on the Board of the Nutrients for Life Foundation. Find out more about the Nutrients for Life Foundation.
  • ESA, the European Sulphuric Acid Association: brings together European sulphuric acid stakeholders. Find out more about ESA.
  • TSI, The Sulphur Institute: an international organization representing all stakeholders engaged in producing, buying, selling, handling, transporting, or adding value to sulphur. Find out more about TSI.
  • FIRT, the Fertilizer Industry Round Table: an organization dedicated to the development and improvement of the fertilizer industry. John Cole, Vice-President North America, who is based in our Tampa office, is a member of FIRT’s Board of Directors. Find out more about FIRT.
  • GLDA, the Gas Liquids Distribution Association: dedicated to promoting practical and technical knowledge in distribution of liquid gas and related business areas. Find out more about GLDA.
  • CCTD, the China Coal Transportation and Distribution Association: a sub-council of the China Coal Association, representing the public policy, communication, and statistical needs of producers, manufacturers, retailers, and transporters of coal. Find out more about CCTD.
  • China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association: Find out more about CNFIA.
  • Siacesp: a Brazilian non-profit association with the objective of coordinating and representing the fertilizer industry in the state of São Paulo. It works closely with the Brazilian government; the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply; and other agricultural associations to protect and promote the interests of the Brazilian fertilizer industry. Find out more about Siacesp.
  • ANDA, the Brazilian National Fertilizer Association: implements strategies and actions aimed at promoting and disseminating fertilizers at all stages of the production process. Find out more about ANDA.
  • Fertilizar: a non-profit association grouping Argentine and international fertilizer producers, marketers, and distributors, with the aim of promoting nutrient replenishment, responsible use of fertilizers, and stewardship of high-productivity environments. Find out more about Fertilizar.
  • STSA, the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association: a professional association for the trading and shipping of commodities in Switzerland, contributing to the promotion of Switzerland as a center of worldwide know-how in the domain of international trade, and shipping and their financing. Find out more about STSA.
  • GAFTA, the Grain and Feed Trade Association: an international trade association which promotes international trade in grain, animal feed materials, pulses, and rice and aims to protect the interests of its members worldwide, providing the support and international contacts they require. Find out more about GAFTA.
  • USRPA, the US Rice Producers Association: represents rice producers in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas and is the only U.S. national rice producers’ organization comprised of producers, elected by producers, and representing producers in all six rice-producing states. Find out more about USRPA.
  • CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council: CEFIC is a committed partner to EU policymakers, facilitating dialogue with industry and sharing its broad-based expertise. The association represents 29,000 large, medium and small chemical companies in Europe; it is based in Brussels. Find out more about CEFIC. 
  • LPG Fund, a charity fund whose principal objective is to assist members of the LPG and gas processing industry during a time of financial need. David Herr, Vice President, who is based in our Houston office, currently serves as President of the fund. Find out more about LPG Fund.